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These are 2010/11 Krawls

Pre 2009 Krawls are now here...

15 December 2011 - Bright, at least to start, but a chilly wind saw 10 krawlers and one guest take a leisurely short stroll of 3.3 miles, around Knockholt. A 10:30 meeting followed by mulled wine and hot sausages, around a log fire, meant we didn't start krawling until gone 11:00. It was very soft underfoot and everyone came back with shoes or boots to clean. As always at the Tally Ho we were well looked after by the staff under the direction of Andy Cope, the landlord. After more than enough food, plenty of wine and good Christmas fellowship we finally left for home, as darkness descended, vowing to do the same next year...

Present: Dick Morley (President), Colin Brand, John Berry, Chris Haines, Dave White, Ken Mitchell, Peter Eade, Fred Spalding, Antony Pontifex, Mike Peel and Dave Cordell (guest).

Apologies: Bonzo, Rae Smith, Dave Appleton, Mike Tyler, Roger Counter, Brian Stone, Ivan Philips & Terry Clark.

15 December 2011

30 November 2011 - A mild day saw 7 Krawlers and one guest set off from The Halfway House in Brenchley. A steady walk of only 4 and a bit miles, in a touch of drizzle, meant that we arrived early at the Gun and Spitroast, our halfway house. A fine ale or two latter we left the halfway house for The Halfway house.... This was the most enjoyable part of the Krawl as we meandered through the apple orchards for a couple of miles. We enjoyed a slow lunch with bags of good hearty food, put the world to right, then wandered off home, job done.

Present: John Berry (President), Colin Brand with Dave Cordell as his guest, Dave White, Fred Spalding, Michael Tyler, Chris Haines and Mike Peel. Dick Morley joined for lunch.

Apologies: Rae Smith, Ken Mitchell, Anthony Pontifex, Peter Eade, Roger Counter, Bonzo Reeves, Peter Ward, Dave Appleton & Brian Stone

Brenchley Krawl

26 October 2011 - A showery day greeted 7 Krawlers - 3 more joined for lunch. Ken Mitchell planned the Krawl around Otford, Shoreham and Lullingstone with not too many inclines. The Two Brewers was the intended half-way house but was not open! So we retired to Ye Old George Inne which meant a shorter second leg to our lunchtime rendezvous at The Hornes, where a good, but not cheap meal was taken.

Present: Ken Mitchell (President), Dave White, Fred Spalding, John Berry, Dave Appleton, Anthony Pontifex, Chris Haines. Mike Peel joined at half-way and Ivan Phillips & Peter Eade joined for lunch.

Apologies: Colin Brand, Rae Smith, Roger Counter, Bonzo Reeves, Dick Morley, Michael Tyler & Brian Stone.

At the George

Happy people

2 October 2011 - Ladies Day Krawl on a beautiful, hot summer day. Record temperatures greeted October and we benefited from it. 13 krawled and we were joined by 5 others to dine at our 'origin', Blackheath Harriers Clubhouse. Recently re-decorated and with a posh new kitchen we dined on traditional roast beef having krawled just over 6, mainly level, miles. Four and a half to the Greyhound at Keston meant that we could re-hydrate with some nice Adnams...

Present: BN Mike Peel & Terri, Fred Spalding, John & Pauline Berry, Dick Morley, Val his sister & Trish, Ken & Jackie Mitchell, Kate Irwin, Chris Haines, Judy Eade, Dave White, Ivan & Molly Phillips and their daughter Jane and her friend Sandra.

Apologies from: Colin & Alison, Dennis & Sue, Rae & Sjoukje, Roger & Doff, Peter & Fran, Michael & Diana, Brian & Di, Dave & Annie, Anthony & Jan, Annie, Liz & Bonzo and Peter.

Our route

25 August 2011 - Keston, a wet day. The forecasters said it would be warmer and brighter - well it was after we finished Krawling... We started from outside The Greyhound, in the rain, Krawled 5.21 miles for the first leg, in the rain, to The King's Arms. During our brief rest it stopped raining! we then did a further 2.64 for the second leg, back to the Greyhound, giving us 7.85 miles for the day. Peter then re-joined us and his guest, for a very nice Luncheon.

Present: BN Mike Peel, Fred Spalding, Dave Appleton, Rae Smith, Ken Mitchell, Peter Eade (for lunch) and his guest Ian Aitken (Park House).


Apologies from: Colin Brand, Dave White, Ivan Phillips (still recovering, sounded good when we phoned him), John Berry, Peter Ward, Antony Pontifex, Chris Haines, Dennis Cooper & Mike Tyler.







28 July 2011 - Tenterden, a steamy day in deepest Kent... A five mile walk to The White Hart Inn, Newenden followed by half a mile to Northian Railway Station. A Steam Train, First Class, to Tenterden Station then a gentle 800 yards to The Cedars for an absolutely glorious luncheon - all days should be like that.

Present: Michael Tyler (President), BN Mike Peel, Peter Eade with his guest Dr Tom Richardson, Colin Brand, Dick Morley, Fred Spalding, John Berry, Peter Ward, Ken Mitchell, Dave Appleton and Chris Haines making 12. Anthony Pontifex (car broke down) and Dave White (hospital with Rita) were last minute cancellations else we would have been 14!


Apologies from: Bonzo Reeves, Ivan Phillips (still in hospital), Rae Smith away in Dutch Land, Roger Counter - working, Dennis Cooper sewing in Austria.













17 June 2011 - a wet Ladies Krawl to two of our favourite pubs, the Golding Hop and The Harrow Inn, Ightam. We took the opportunity to celebrated Fred's 80th birthday and his retirement as BN after 10 years glorious service. 4.72 miles, 1.85 and a third leg of 1.43 gave us 8.00 on the button.

Present: BN Fred Spalding (President) and PohLeng, Rae Smith and Sjoukje, Trish Stunden, Val Morley, John Berry and Pauline, Ken Mitchell and Jacqui, David White and Rita, Dorothy Counter, Colin Brand and Alison, Mike Peel and Terri, David Appleton and Guest, Kate Irwin and Annie Cooper. Anthony Pontifex and Jan, Chris Haines, Ivan Phillips and Molly.

Apologies From : Dick Morley who was in hospital following a fall after a rather good lunch, Peter and Judy Eade who were on holiday in America, Peter Ward, Michael Tyler, Ian Lawrie and Bonzo Reeves.

Today’s krawl was one of our ‘traditional routes’ and we had invited ladies and Walkie Talkies to join us to celebrate the retirement of BN.

Krawlers met at Ightam Moat at 9.30am and set out in weather which was untypical for BN. An overcast start turned into a thoroughly damp half way at the Golding Hop where we gently steamed over our beer and cider (not in the same glass) and continued through dripping orchards (apples as well as rain) to arrive at the Harrow, Ightham Green at 1.30pm.

The Harrow laid on an excellent lunch with BN generously providing champagne and table wines to accompany a menu of traditional Sirloin Roast Beef – carved by BN - after starters of soup or smoked salmon and followed by seasonal desserts. Afterwards Mike Peel (BN in waiting) thanked Fred for an outstanding ten years – bearing in mind he had originally volunteered for one year only. He then presented him with a magnificent Antique walking cane – made in 1910 - one year older than KKK. A resounding ovation was given to an outstanding BN. It was a memorable lunch for us all.


24 May 2011 - a most enjoyable amble around Benenden

Present: BN Fred Spalding, Mike Peel + Guest (Chris Haines), David Appleton, John Berry, Michael Tyler, Antony Pontifex and Ivan Phillips joined for lunch.

Krawlers met at 9.50am by the Village Green near the Church at Benenden on a delightful sunny morning. This incredible spell of fine sunny weather started over eight weeks ago and little rain has fallen since. A brisk pace was maintained from the start, which no doubt due to the presence of Mike’s Guest Chris Haines, who it transpired is an athlete who has run a two hour 24 minute Marathon. It took us slightly longer than that to reach our half way house – the Woodcock Inn at Iden Green. A very attractive walk with great views across gently undulating countryside brought us back to the King William 1V rather earlier than scheduled at 1.30pm. A pleasant A la Carte lunch was enjoyed by all and Chris Haines was unanimously elected as a member. Cost was the day was £40.

28 April 2011 - 7 miles around Goudhurst

Present: BN Fred Spalding, Mike Peel + Guest ‘Thomo’, David White, Ken Mitchell, Colin Brand, Michael Tyler: Dick Morley and Ivan Phillips joined for lunch.

Apologies were received from: Peter Eade, John Berry and Antony Pontifex.

Krawlers met by the sign of the Peacock Inn at 10am in the ‘aforenoon’ promptly on a slightly overcast morning of what was to become a beautiful warm day with clear blue skies. A brisk pace was set from the start (Peter of course was not with us) to such effect that an improvised expansion to the planned route was necessary to prevent us arriving half an hour earlier than anticipated at the splendid Star & Eagle Hotel at Goudhurst – one of our favourite stops. We were delighted to be met not only by an excellent pint but also by Liz Rourke who had hobbled up the hill despite a damaged foot to join us. The first stage finished up at four miles long.

The three mile second leg, back to the Peacock Inn, was accomplished by 1.30pm where due to the low beamed ceilings some of the taller krawlers received ‘hopefully’ temporary brain damage (Fred and David were OK). A very ‘konvivial’ a la carte lunch which included starters of mushroom bruschetta and mains of steak and ale pie, plus plenty of vino was enjoyed by all. Cost for the day was £35.


1 April 2011 - the March Krawl starting from Bough Beech...

24 February 2011 - a trip from & to the Golding Hop...


I think the route is correct but the distance isn't...










29 July 2010 - Ightam Mote route...

6 May 2010 - Late Spring, a Ladies Krawl around the Pluckley area...