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12 December 2019 - A Christmas Krawl. After the success of last month's krawl the BN (playing President) took us back to Chislehurst Caves, this time to have a private group tour. We again met up at Bromley Cricket Club, a mince pie and some Prosseco and we were off. The twelve were led by Fred on a surprisingly flat walk towards the Caves. The first thing we learnt was that they are not technically caves but mines... An hour later we were heading back via a bus trip. The wine flowed and a very non-Christmas dinner was enjoyed by the 13 diners.

Present: BN (President) & Roy Savery (Guest), Drew, Ponti, Jim, David W, Gareth, Chips, Roger, Fred, Rae, Phil (walk only) - John Butler and Dave C joined for lunch (12-1+2=13)

Apologies: Martin, David H, Matthew, Harry, Ken and Apples (6)


28 November 2019 - Something Different and it was... Fred gave us an historical tour of Chislehurst imparting lots of knowledge and interest - we were all expecting an exam at the end!  Nine met up at the Bromley Cricket Club, made our way via bus to our first port of call The Chislehurst Golf Club, where we learnt about Napoleon III, onwards to where they used to do hangings then on to the cock fighting pit - you get the picture? We stopped off at The Imperial Arms for a pint before we made a brief stop at Chislehurst Caves then busing back to the Cricket Club for a very good lunch where we were joined by three more. Matthew Cooper, son of late member Rodney, was proposed for membership by Fred and, by much acclaim, was accepted. Several than retired to the "Sonning Pub" for more drinks... followed by a couple more buses and eventually getting back home at gone seven o'clock...

Present: Fred (President) & Matthew, BN, Drew, Jim, Dave W, Gareth, Roger, Martin plus Ken, David H & Chris for lunch (9+3=12)

Apologies: Phil, Rae, John Butler, Apples, Ponti, Dave C (6)

31 October 2019 - Eden Valley was the area that Chris chose and was a very level krawl with no hills. Meeting up and dining at The Plough, in Leigh, the six set off enjoying the good weather. They sopped at The Fleur de Lis for a swift pint before returning. They were joined by Dave C and BN for lunch.

Present: Chris, Drew, Jim, Ponti, Dave W, Fred plus BN and Dave C for lunch (6+2=8)

Apologies: Gareth, Ken, Rae, David H, Harry, Phil, John butler, Roger, Apples (9)

26 September 2019 - A Krawl around Downe -Jim was President for our ladies Day Krawl which saw a good turnout of twenty. We met at The Queens Head in Downe. The rain held off and we made our way to The Jail Pub for midday. Just shy of 6 miles in total on a very plesant circuit. Good value food. 

Present: Jim (President) & Pauline, BN & Terri, Gareth, Drew, Fred, Rae & Sjoukje, Roger & Doff, Judy, Dave & Rita, Chris, Annie, Trica - Dave H and Ken & Jackie joined for lunch (20 dined)

Apologies: Apples, Phil, Ponti, Martin, John Butler, Kate




29 August 2019 - The North Downs - Rae was President and gave us a splendid krawl, fine food and fantastic weather and he had a guest, John. As one of the krawlers emailed: "Another gold star kracking krawl, karefully and konsideratley led by President Rae with not too much interference from our incomparable BN". We met up, and dined, at The Chequers, Haverham and made our way via the North Downs to The Bell in Kemsing. We were running a bit late so only had one pint and then headed back to dine. Six and a half miles in total.

Present: Rae (President) & John Drabwell (Guest). BN, Drew, Phil, Chris, Fred, Roger, Jim, Dave W (10) Dave C got lost finding us!

Apologies: Ponti, Gareth, Martin, Ken, Dave H, Harry, John Butler (7)

25 July 2019 - A tour of Hayes & Keston - The BN stepped in to organise the smallest group ever... Drew left at 09:30, did his own thing for 90 mins, came back to the Blackheath Clubhouse at 11:00 and picked up the BN. The two then ambled to The Greyhound in Keston for midday, they were subsequently joined by Jim and the three then made there way back to Hayes for lunch at the New Inn. They were joined by Davids H & C and Chris. A most enjoyable meal in nice surroundings on what turned out to be the hottest July day ever - 37c.

 Present: BN (President), Drew and Jim - joined by David H, David C and Chris (3+3=6)

Apologies: Ponti. Apples, Phil, Roger, Fred, Ken, Martin, Rae, Dave W, Gareth and John (11)

27 June 2019 - Well Hill & Lullingstone Park. Drew stepped into the breech and we all enjoyed the lovely spring like weather. Meeting at, and dining at the Bo Peep the krawl was based on Drew's previous krawl a year ago. Eight set of on what turned out to be 6 and a half miles of open countryside with some lovely views both north and south. The halfway house being the Lulligstone Park Golf Club as before. Four joined us for a most enjoyable lunch.

Present: Drew (President), BN, Phil, Gareth, Apples, Dave W, Rae, Fred - Daves C & H, Jim & Harry joined for lunch (8+4=12)

Apologies: Ponti, John B, Chris, Martin, Roger & Ken (6) 

30 May 2019 - Ladies Day krawl around Shipbourne. Anthony was President and BN (Mike was ill) and sent in this report: "The KKK met at 9.45. Weather was fine with a light breeze, but it was pretty humid.
Following a glass of Prosecco, we set off and reached the top of Shipbourne, where we turned right and up the Fairlawne Estate. I gave a small piece about the Cazalet family who owned the estate until 1979 in particular Sir Peter Cazalet, racehorse trainer to the Queen Mum. I also did a piece about Edward Cazalet, Peter’s elder brother, killed in WW1.
At the road near Plaxtol, some went straight to the halfway house (The Papermakers Arms), whilst others did an extra loop up the hill. When we got to the war memorial in Plaxtol I did a piece on two Golding  brothers (of hop fame) who were also killed in WW1. William Golding joined up on 6th August 1914 and was killed on 31st October 1918, eleven days before the Armistice.
After a pleasant 45 minutes at the Papermakers Arms we ambled down hill across four fields and arrived at the Kentish Rifleman at 1.20,  where it was generally agreed we had an excellent lunch.
The whole day came to £25 a head! a record I think. Everybody kept asking whether I had added everything up correctly."

Present: Anthony (President) & Jan, Drew, Gareth, Jim, Chris & Sue, Fred & PohLeng, Dave & Rita, Kate, Judith - Ken & Jackie and Harry & Cherry joined for lunch (13+4=17)

Apologies: Rae, Appples, Roger, Martin, Trish, Annie, Daves C&H, Mike

25 April 2019 - The Brothers-in-law organised a delightful krawl around Knockholt. This was a back-to-front version of the January krawl. So we set off from The Tally Ho in Knockholt and made our way to The Three Horseshoes for a well deserved pint. On our travels we met with a Lady with a Harris Hawk and had a Spitfire fly over and saw lots and lots of bluebells and rape. No dramas, good weather, good under foot and as usual, good company - just shy of 7 1/2 miles in total.

Preasent: Roger & Dave W (joint Presidents), BN, Apples, Drew, Phil, Fred - Harry joined for lunch (7+1=8)

Apologies: Ponti, Chris, Ken, Gareth, Martin, Dave C, Jim, David H, Butler & Rae (10)

28 March 2019 - Hayes Common - Overcast but not cold greeted us at The Greyhound, Keston. A steady pace took us up and down towards the New Inn in Hayes, by which time the sun was out, enabling us to sit in their garden for a nice pint. Just under 5 miles to there and a further one and a half more took us back to The Greyhound. A leisurely lunch rounded off another enjoyable day.

Present: Rae (President), BN, Phil, Jim, Gareth & Chris - Harry & Dave C joined for lunch (8)

Apologies: Drew, Ponti, Apples, David W&H, Fred, Martin, John's B&B, Ken, Roger (11)

28 February 2019 - Ide Hill - Dave Appleton organised another pleasant krawl with lots of hills... Nine krawling and 12 dining all enjoyed the spring weather. We meet at The Cock Inn, Ide Hill and used The Fox & Hounds at Toys Hill for the halfway. Just over 7 miles in total.

Present: Apples (President). Drew, Jim, Dave W, Rae, Phil, Chris, Roger & Ponti - Dave C, Harry & BN joined for lunch (12)

Apologies:  Fred, John's B&B, Martin, Gareth, Dave H (6)



31 January 2019 - Knockholt area in the snow. First time for many to krawl in the snow and did they enjoy it! Roger made sure of that. Ten krawlers set out and eventual made it back to The Three Horseshoes, albeit a bit late... three non krawlers had been waiting nearly an hour. A first class meal was enjoyed by all. The halfway house was The Tally Ho. Fred had as his guest Mathew Cooper, son of Rodney, a former krawler, who passed on a few years ago, good to see him again. Just about 7.5 miles in total.

Present: Roger (President), Ponti, Drew, Jim, Rae, Chris, Apples, Fred & Mathew, Dave W - joined by BN, Harry and Ken for Lunch (10+3=13)

Apologies: Phil, Martin, Denis, John B's x2, Dave C & David H (7)