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13 December 2018 - Our Christmas Krawl was organised  by Dave White as the BN was still away in South America - but he arrived back in time to join the merry group. We met at The Crown, Leaves Green and kicked off with a few nibbles and something wet... most had been dropped off by some nice ladies so that we could partake, as is our custom, at this time of year. A short walk, with lots of historical facts, took us to the Biggin Hill Chapel, which was sill locked up due to refurbishment. Dave enlightened us about lots of things before guiding us back for an enjoyable lunch - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Present: Dave White (President), BN, Drew, Jim, Gareth, Roger, Rae, Ponti & Andrew, Fred, Chris + Apples, Phil, Ken, John Butler, David H, and Dave C for lunch (11+6=17)

Apologies: Denis, John Berry, Martin & Harry (5) 


29 November 2018 - On a grey morning five krawlers assembled at The Old Jail, Berry’s Green and set off unencumbered by a BN. After negotiating quite a few stiles, a great deal of suspect material, good for roses, and two golf courses we found our way to Downe having negotiated two steep hills. Gareth and Drew went on as an advance party and decided unilaterally that our halfway house should be the Queens Head and not the George and Dragon mainly because this latter was closed on our arrival. After quenching our thirst we set off into a very cold wind and made our way to Berry’s Green and The Old Jail. Harry met us there and the landlady treated us royally. We toasted our absent BN, the food and drink was excellent and enjoyed by all. Thanks Chris

Krawling: Chris (President), Drew, Dave C, Fred, Gareth. Joined for lunch by Harry 

Apologies: BN, Phil, Roger, John B, Rae, Ken, Dave W, Martin, Apples, Ponti, Jim, Colin, Denis 


25 October 2018 - Dunks Green. Short on numbers but high on quality seven enjoyed a beautiful autumn day for a 6 and a bit mile krawl. The designated President (Martin) was unable to partake so 'Daddy Counter' took the helm. A steady stroll got us to the Chaser Inn bang on 12:00. An enjoyable pint latter we were on our way back to the Kentish Rifleman in Dunks Green where a good meal was enjoyed by all. Very unusually these days all the staff were male... disappointing for many!

Present: Roger (President), BN, Drew, Dave W, Rae, Chris, Jim (7)

Apologies: Ponti, Apples, Phil, John B x 2, Harry, Ken, David C, David H, Fred, Martin (11)



27 September 2018 - A Ladies krawl around Penshurst. A glorious late summers day greeted 18 krawlers outside the Fleur De Lis pub. Prior to the depart we stood to remember Peter Eade who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Phil took us on a delightful krawl that made it's way to the Leicester Arms in Penshurst. We arrived early but they let us in and we sat in the garden in the warm sunshine. Leaving the pub we made our way back on wide paths across the Penshurst Castle estate. No dramatic climbs just steady uphill with a downhill flourish back to the Fleur De Lis for a very nice lunch. We lost little Mike, who had to get back, but gained Ken & Jackie and David H. Twenty dined, 10 ladies and 10 men. We covered about five & a half miles.

Present: Phil (President), Mike & Terri, Chris, Jim & Pauline, Rae & Sjoukje, Hazel, Kate, Roger & Dof, Fred, Dave & Rita, Annie, Judy & Little Mike. Ken & Jackie and David H joined for lunch (18-1+3=20)

Apologies: Apples, Harry, Gareth, Drew, Both John's. Martin, Ponti, Trish and Dave C (10)



30 August 2018 - A Krawl around Keston. Gareth organised his maiden krawl on home territory, And a most enjoyable time was had by the ten krawlers that took part. Weather was ideal, course varied with lovely views especially in the early stages and food was first class and a reasonable price. We met and dined at The King's Head, Leaves Green and made our way to The Greyhound, arrived early but they were open, enjoyed a pint outside and them made our way back across the pylon field. The final field had recently been ploughed and the footpath had not been reinstated making unpleasant to walk on. 6 Miles in total.

Present: Gareth (President), BN, Drew, Jim, Phil, Ponti, Chris, Davids Hawkins-White & Cordel, Harry joined for lunch (10+1=11)

Apologies: Denis, Rae, Apples, Colin, Martin, Ken, Fred, Roger, Little Mike & the two Johns (11)



26 July 2018 - Up the Kreek. Due to a last minute hitch Fred stepped in and organised a trip to Faversham. Ex members, Peter and Michael were on hand to greet and guide us along the creek towards the Shipwrights Arms. It was the hottest day of the year and we were excused jackets & ties. With hats on and a plentiful supply of water 13 set off at around 10:00. A level, easy krawl saw us arrive after ninety minutes for a most enjoyable pint in their shaded garden. Suitably refresh we walked back to Peter's house, change and ambled into town to an Italian restaurant called Posilipo. What a good choice... we dined alfresco and enjoyed good food, wine and service. Just a tad under 6 miles in total. 

Present: Fred (President) with his guest Michael, BN, Drew, Jim, Phil, Gareth, Chris, John Berry, Rae (krawl only), Roger, Little Mike - John Butler, David H and Peter Ward joined for lunch (12-1+3=14)

Apologies: Martin, Apples, Dave W, Ponti, Ken, Dave C & Harry (7)



28 June 2018 - Well Hill & Lullingtone Park. A very poorly supported krawl in lovely countryside and great weather was led by Drew. Just 5 regulars, latter joined by three more for lunch, set off just before 10:00. They all enjoy the undulating terrain as we made our way from the Bo Peep towards our half-way stop at Lullingstone Golf Club. We duly arrived back at the Bo Peep to find our other three non-krawlers enjoying a drink and the sunshine. The food and service was just the ticket, good value said all. Just over 6 miles in total.

Present: Drew (President), BN, Jim (walk only), Daves Cordell & Hawkings. Daves White & Apples and Harry joined for lunch (5-1+3=7)

Apologies: Rae, Gareth, Fred, Johns Berry & Butler, Martin, Chris, Ken, Little Mike, Phil, Roger, Ponti & Colin (13)


24 May 2018 - Ladies Day at Langton Green saw only 13 on the 5 and a bit mile krawl, although 16 dined. Rae was President and led us on a very pleasant krawl from Langton Green to Fordcombe and back. The weather forecast was not brilliant but we didn't get wet - it did pour down while we were lunching! We set off from The Hare having partaken in some very welcome bubbly, climbed numerous stiles and passed through umpteen kissing gates. The Chafford arms was our halfway stop and we had an enjoyable pint. Rae's timings were spot on and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon eating very large meals all washed down in the accepted style.

Present: Rae (President) & Sjoukje, BN & Terri, John Butler, Fred & PoLeng, Jim & Pauline, Drew, Rita & Friend, Chris - David H and Ken & Jackie joined for lunch (13+3=16)

Apologies: Phil, Kate, Ponti, Trish, Apples, Gareth, Roger, Dave C, Dave W, Little Mike, Denis, Colin. Annie and Peter (14)


26 April 018 - Towards Hever Castle, sunny to start but not that warm. Eleven started the krawl from The Rock Inn, Chiddingstone Hoath, ably lead by President Jim following a tot of Port, which went done well. We made our way over very pleasant, undulating terrain until me made the King Henry VIII. We were early and had to hang around before they opened up - not a very friendly pub, so after one pint we pushed off back to The Rock. Got a bit damp on the last mile of our 7 mile trek. Very good food and staff - and as they say on their front door 'a proper pub'.

Present: Jim (President), BN, Phil, Drew, Dave C, Roger, Rae, Dave W, Martin, Fred & Apples (11)

Apologies: Ponti, Gareth, Harry, Chris, John Berry, Little Mike, Ken, David H & John Butler (9)


29 March 2018 - a soggy krawl around Ivy Hatch. Maundy Thursday, Bank holiday weekend and it's raining! Fortunately it stops before we set of from Ightam Mote on a simple route due to the state of the footpaths. A welcome start was the tot of rum that the President, Anthony Pontifex, provided. After he had introduced his guest, Andrew Johnstone, eleven of us set off towards the Chaser at Shipbourne. The shortened course meant we arrived early for the half-way stop (which was open), but too late for the weekly Farmers market which had just finished. We set off back to Ightam taking the easy route along a quite road. Three other krawlers joined us for lunch, David H, Gareth and Johnny B, at the Plough in Ivy Hatch. About 6 miles in total.

Present: Anthony (President) and his guest Andrew Johnstone, BN, Drew, Jim, Dave C, Chris, Fred, Little Mike, Dave W and Apples - Gareth, David H & Johnny B joined for lunch (11+3=14).

Apologies: Phil, Rae, Colin, Martin, Roger, Harry, Ken & John Berry (8)


22 February 2018 - Farnborough

Present: Dave Cordell (President), BN, Phil, Drew, Rae, Little Mike, Dave W, Chris & Roger. Ken joined for lunch (9+1=10)

Apologies: Gareth, Fred, Ponti, Johnny B, Jim, Apples, John B, Martin, Colin & Harry (10)



25 January 2018 - A krawl around Leaves Green.

Present: Dave White (President), BN, Drew, Harry, Jim, Dave C, Roger, Chris, Little Mike - David H & Ken joined for lunch (9+2=11)

Apologies: Gareth, Rae, John B, Johnny B, Apples, Ponti, Martin, Fred & Phil (9)