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15 December 2022 - A little krawl and a large lunch. A very festive Khristmas krawl was led by BN as President komplete with snow. Thirteen arrived at The Queens Head, in Downe, to enjoy sausage rolls, mince pies and mulled wine. At 11:30 they set off and followed a similar route to last year, albeit extended slightly to 3 and quarter miles - ideal time wise as we arrived back at 13:05. Everyone got changed in the car park which was covered in snow - it was a bit cold... We soon made into the pub to be greeted by six 'lunchers'. Wine flowed, banter abounded and a wonderful lunch followed - after several hours we departed promising that we will do it all again next year! A proper KKK Khristmas.

Present: BN (President) & Mark, Drew, Dave White & Jamie, Jim, Phil, Dave Arnold, Roger, Rae, Chris, Martin, Stan - plus for lunch Fred, Ken, John, Apples, Ponti, Dave C (13+6=19)

Apologies: Gareth



24 November 2022 - A krawl across Leaves Green. Gareth (President) greeted us in the car park just north of The Greyhound in Keston. Six set off in good mild weather, via the Ponds and the back of the airport, towards The Crown at Leaves Green. A quick pint and we were off again. Quite a bit of road as we were now under time pressure. Four 'lunchers' joined us for a very large and enjoyable meal. We were also joined by Martin who was taking dad, Roger, home. This proved very useful as the heavens opened and it hammered down - before taking dad he managed to ferry the drivers to the car park which saved a drowning. A longish krawl of just over seven and half miles.

Present: Gareth (President), BN, Drew, Jim, Chris, Dave Arnold - Ponti, Roger, John & Rae joined for lunch (6+4=10)

Apologies: Phil, Ken, Stan, Fred, Martin, Dave's A, C & W (8)




20 October 2022 - A Stylish Krawl around Ightam Mote. And it was, we lost count of the number of styles... Having gathered outside The Kentish Rifleman the eight hardy soles, suitably refreshed with fizz from the President, made there way via footpaths and more road than normal, due to the constant rain, towards the Papermakers Arms at Plaxtol. A warm welcome and nice pint saw us on our way back to Dunk's Green. It was busy in the pub but the service we received from the Landlady was first class as was the meal and company, as we had been joined by two others. Five point 75 miles in total.

Present: Ponti (President), BN, Phil, Dave's A & W, Drew, Chris, Jim plus Dave C and Ken (8+2=10)

Apologies: Stan, Martin, Rae, Apples, Fred, Gareth, John, Roger (8)



29 September 2022 - A krawl around Farnborough. Jim, our President, mustered nine at the Woodman Pub in Farnborough before leading them on a most enjoyable krawl. They made there way via Wilberforce to The Greyhound at Keston where a welcome pint was had. They then made there way back to the Woodman for any enjoyable lunch. Turned out to be a good seven and a half miles in total.

Present: Jim (President), Drew, Roger, Phil, Chris, Stan, Fred (lunch) and Dave's A & W (8+1=9)

Apologies: Ken, John, Apples, Martin, Rae, Gareth, Dave C, Ponti & BN (9)


25 August 2022 - A krawl around Westerham. For the first time in a long time it rained on our parade, or more correctly, Stan's inaugural krawl. Eight of us met up in the car park at the rear of the Grasshopper on the Green in Westerham - most of us didn't know they even had a car park! Due to the rain Stan modified his planned krawl slightly as we set off towards Chartwell before returning and making a welcome stop at Westerham Brewery, returning to the Grasshopper for a good and welcome lunch having been joined by Fred and John. Thanks to Chris we have a full map of the route - 6.2 miles, and to Apples who took a few snaps. BN returned a bit early and walked a shorter distance...

Present: Stan (President), BN, Drew, Phil, Jim, Chris, David's A & A plus Fred & John for lunch (8+2=10)

Apologies: Gareth, Rae, Roger, Ken, Ponti, Martin, Dave W (7)




28 July 2022 - A krawl across Hayes Common. We mustered in the car park near The Greyhound pub and made our way via familiar paths to Wilberforce Oak, then proceeded to a new pub!... The Frogs Head. Unstaffed with no draft beer and in the garden of the BN's block of flats. We were met by Chris who joined us for the walk back to The Greyhound for lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy the stop and likewise the lunch that followed. John and Rae join the eight for lunch. Over six and half miles in total.

Present: BN (President), Jim, Dave A, Dave W, Stan, Apples, Ponti + John, Rae and Chris for lunch (7+3=10)

Apologies: Ken, Fred, Phil, Martin, Roger, Drew, Gareth (7)



30 June 2022 - A Krawl around Penshurst. President Phil lead us on a very nice krawl with wide paths which enabled us to stroll side-by-side. We met at The Fleur De Lis as arranged but didn't dine there as they have stopped doing food! Not deterred we set of for a well deserved pint at the Leicester Arms having had some lovely views including of course Penshurst Place. We made our way back to the cars, change then drove to The Little Brown Jug, for a fine, but a little pricey, meal which was enjoyed by all. Just under five and half miles in total.

Present: Phil (President), BN, Drew, Stan, Dave W - joined for lunch by Dave A & Fred (6+2=8)

Apologies: Rae, Ponti, Dave C, Chris, Roger, Apples, Martin, Gareth & John (10)


26 May 2022 - Krawl around Downe. Meeting at The Queens Head we were informed of the very sad news that David Hawkings (who was due to join us for lunch) had died yesterday, 25 May. Although not an active walker in the recent months, David often joined us for lunch as he enjoyed the company of the fellow krawlers. We stood in silence to remember him. Not the best situation to welcome our President for the day, and his first one, David Arnold. He led us on a nice amble to The Old Jail for a swift pint before returning to The Queens Head for lunch; good food, good service, good company, good day - only marred by the sad news of David's passing. Six miles in total.

Present: David A (President), BN, Phil, Jim, Drew, Dave W, Roger + Ken & Rae for lunch (7+2=9)

Apologies: Ponti, Chris, Stan, Martin, Fred, Gareth, John and Apples (8)


28 April 2022 - Chelsfield and Environs. Low on numbers but high on quality, six set off from the Bo Peep ably led by Drew, our President for the day. Not the warmest day but dry and firm underfoot. We made the Five Bells in good time and enjoyed a pint before making our way back via six foot high Rape Seed plants. We enjoyed good food and the company of five others who joined for lunch. Almost six & half miles in total.

Present: Drew (President), BN, Jim, Stan, Dave's Arnold & Appleton - Dave's W & C, Ken, Phil and Fred joined for lunch (6+5=11)

Apologies: Ponti, Chris, John, Rae, Martin, Gareth & Roger (7)


31 March 2022 - To Knockholt. Eleven met up at The Bulls Head, Rushmore Hill, which was also the dining pub. The halfway house was The Three Horseshoes in Knockholt. The eleven were joined by three more for lunch. Fred stood in as BN. Six and a half miles in total.

Present: Roger (President) & Mark (guest), Drew, Rae, Dave's W & A, Martin, Gareth, Chris, Jim, Phil - joined for lunch - Fred, Ponti & Ken (10+1+3=14)

Apologies: BN, Stan, Apples, Cordell, Hawkings, John (6)

24 February 2022 - A Krawl around Leaves Green. This was a truly four seasons krawl, raining, cold, windy, sunny, hail and a snow shower - but we enjoyed it... Ten gathered at The Crown in Leaves Green in a very cold wind with still some rain in the air from that mornings downpour. We were greeted by our President (Dave White) along with warm sausage rolls and some fizz. We made our way to The Greyhound at Keston and enjoyed a nice pint. Following the recent storms we were lucky that there was only one tree down on our route. We then wandered back for a most enjoyable lunch at The Crown. The slow changers got caught in a heavy, short hail storm - those inside the pub looked on with glee. Just over 6 miles in total.

Present: Dave White (President), BN, Drew, Stan, Chris, Jim, Apples, Dave A. Roger, Fred - joined by John & Dave C for lunch (10+2=12)

Apologies: Ponti, Phil, Rae, Ken, Martin, Gareth & David H (7)



27 January 2022 - An elk, pork digested... (Knole Park). Eight met at The White Hart in Sevenoaks and headed straight into Knole Park on a fine krawl ably led by The Prof. It turn out to be about 6 & half miles of mostly uphill!... but good under foot. The designated halfway house was closed due to a covid infection so we diverted to The Chequers for a swift pint. Going back into the park we were pleased to go downhill for a few minutes with the wind on our backs. At lunch we were joined by Ponti & Ken and enjoyed go food but not much wine and no Ice cream! Don't ask... A most enjoyable day.

Present: Chris (President), BN, Drew, Jim, Rae, Roger, David's White & Arnold - Ponti & Ken joined for lunch (8+2=10)

Apologies: Stan, Gareth, Phil, Fred, John, Apples, Martin, David's Cordell & Hawkings (9)