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15 December 2015 - A tiny Krawl, a large lunch... And it was. A record number arrived at Blackheath Harriers HQ to enjoy mulled wine prior to krawling 4.3 miles over Hayes Common. Damp underfoot but mild weather meant a most enjoyable day started well. The Chef, Chris Gentle did us well with rare roast beef to die for - everyone apart from John enjoy the soup and everyone apart from Chris enjoyed the crumble!

Present: BN + guests Mike, John & Drew, Ponti, Jim & Steve, Phil, John, Colin, Chris, Apples + David & Allan, Rae, Ken, Dave W, Roger, Fred, Dave C, Peter E & John (15 + 7 guests = 22)

Apologies: Martin, Harry & Dick


26 November 2015 - Find the Windmill. Short on numbers but high on quality. Seven stepped out under the guidance of Harry for a most enjoyable day. We started at The Black Horse Inn, Thurnham near Maidstone, a village that most of us have never heard of. As the fields were very wet we prudently stayed on the Pilgrims Way for the first half which meant that we arrived early at The Windmill, Hollingbourne - the publican took pity on us and allowed us in and we had an enjoyable pint. The second half was across the fields and footpaths some of which had been diverted and not clearly marked at all, they were also wet and muddy. The result was a longer second-half than the first! Having been early at the first stop we were now late at the second, arriving at 14:30ish. Everyone agreed that the food was first class and the setting also. We clocked up just over 8 miles.

Present: Harry (President), BN, Jim, Dave W, Roger, Chris and Dave A (7)

Apologies: Ponti, Phil, John, Colin, Dick, Rae, Ken, Fred, Martin, Michael T, Peter W & Dave C (12)


29 October 2015 - Shepherd Neame Tour. The President, Peter Ward, offered a slightly different krawl this month. We met at his house in Faversham for a gentle, slow walk that took in the creek, town centre and boat yard before arriving at the visitors centre of Shepherd Neame, where we were conducted and educated in the fine art of brewing. Shepherd Neame is Britain's oldest brewer - and while 1698 is the Brewery's official founding date, there is apparently clear evidence that its heritage pre-dates even this date. After the interesting tour we sampled some different ales before selecting one for our lunch which was Shepherd Neame Pie (lamb braised in Bishops Finger Ale) topped with creamy mashed potatoes and followed by Kentish apple pie & cream. A very pleasant day ended with us all strolling back to Peter's house (total distance about 3 miles).

Present: Peter Ward (President) and his guest Frank, BN, Fred, Jim & his guest David, Chris, Martin and his father-in-law, Paul, Roger, Dave C, Michael & his neighbour, Howard (13)

Apologies: Phil, Ponti, Harry, Rae, John, Dave W, Ken, Peter E & Colin (9)


27 September 2015 - Ladies Krawl. Twenty met up at The Old Jail in Biggin Hill and enjoyed a very nice krawl, ably led by Jim. They made their way to Downe where a welcome pint was taken at the George & Dragon. Rae & BN, and their Ladies, joined at this point and, the now 24 strolled back to The Old Jail for a very enjoyable and plentiful meal. The weather was fine which made the whole day even more special.

Present: Jim (President) & Pauline, BN & Terri and Rae & Sjoukje (both from half-way), Fred & Pohleng, Chris with Sue & Sheila, Roger & Doff, Dave & Rita, Martin, Kate, Ken & Jackie, Anne, Peter & Judy, Dick & Trish (24)

Apologies John, Apples, Ponti, Harry, Dave C, Molly, Hazel & Dennis (8)


27 August 2015 - Smart Krawling to Speldhurst. Photos and report from Apples: An interesting and at times challenging 8 miles starting and finishing in Kent but with an excursion over the border to East Sussex was enjoyed by 10 members plus 2 guests and the welcome addition of the BN for lunch. In fine, dry weather President for the day Professor Haines set a brisk pace with a carefully timed schedule which saw us arrive for a welcome stop at the George and Dragon for refreshments 1 minute early! A prolonged stop, supping our second pints, meant a 10 minute delay which we never completely recovered by the end (sorry Mr President)! The walk featured some interesting(!) hills and more styles than we could count - mostly of the old fashioned “leg over” variety and many somewhat dangerously in need of repair. Thus we had good appetites for a traditional roast meal at the Spotted Dog to finish a grand day.

I’m not sure what map you consulted but my OS Explorer 147 clearly shows that we gave East Sussex a wide berth…the closest approach was about 100 yards at Chafford Bridge. Whatever next … we’ll be Krawling in Essex soon… Chris

Present: Chris (President) & his guest Laurie, Jim, Dave C, John, Phil & his guest Peter, Fred, Rae, Michael T, Dave A, Roger (12) plus BN joined for lunch (13)

Apologies: Colin, Dave W, Dick, Ponti, Martin, Harry & Ken (7)


23 July 2015 - A Steaming Experience, or not... The train before and the one after were steam trains but not ours! Our start, having been delayed by half an hour due to traffic problems, was brisk and we made the time up as we got to The White Heart Inn at Newenden for a swift pint of the local brew. The weather was kind, not hot and no rain, enabling us to really enjoy the krawl along the river. Michael, as ever, was the perfect host and, as in previous years, the chef was son Simon ably assisted by Di and Trish - food was plentiful and delicious as was the wine. A third leg around the grounds finished off with a view of the cars meant we didn't depart until late. A truly great krawl in the highest traditions of KKK.

Present: Michael (President), BN, Ken, Phil, Dave C, Ponti, John, Apples and Mike Richards, Fred, Peter and Dick joined for lunch (12)

Apologies: Harry, Dave W, Jim, Colin, Chris, Rae, Martin and Roger (8)









28 June 2015 - Ladies Day Krawl from Lamberhurst. A good turnout of 25 in the UK and four in France... With several members away we krawled about 6.6 miles in kind weather and, after permission from the President, in shirt sleeves. Started to spit when we were nearly home but didn't dampen the proceedings... We started in Lamberhurst with a view to reaching Gouldhurst for the half-way, unfortunately due to a slight navigational error and slowish progression we diverted to The Globe & Rainbow at Kilndown which proved a popular venue. Returning to The Chequers we were very well treated by the staff and all enjoyed a very reasonably priced and tasty meal. Rae, Sjoujke, Hazel & Kate were away in France, sent a photograph of themselves drinking our health, which unfortunately I didn't pick up until after the event.

Present: Fred (President) & PohLeng, Mike & Terri, Jim & Pauline, Ken & Jackie, Dave & Rita with Ken & Chris, Roger & Doff, Martin, John, Chris & Sue, Michael & Di, Trish, Teresa & Dick (Lunch), Peter & Judy joined in at the half-way point (25). In France were Rae & Sjoujke, Kate & Hazel (4).

Apologies: Phil, Apples, Harry, Lis, Colin, Annie & Ponti (7).


28 May 2015 - A Krawl around Keston. Very low on quantity but very high on quality! Five only krawlers set off on a venture in fine weather, very dry underfoot and an ideal temperature. Leaving The King's Arms at Leaves Green we went downhill for half-a-mile or so before making our way up to The Fox at Keston where we arrived early for a good pint or two of Harvey's. The amble back was via the Keston Ponds and the edge of Biggin Hill airport. Within a few minutes of arriving we were joined by Ken bringing our numbers up to six. As always the home made pies were consumed with relish. Apple Crumble toped with custard and ice cream rounded off another great and enjoyable day. Six and three quarter miles were clocked up.

Present: BN as President, Chris, Fred, John and Dave C - Ken joined for lunch (6).

Apologies: Jim, Ponti, Phil, Roger, Martin, Rae, Apples, Dave W, Michael T, Colin, Dick and Harry (12).



30 April 2015 - A Krawl around Penshurst. Not a large number but the nine members and one guest had a great day out. Phil led us on a very enjoyable route that most had not been on before. The weather was OK and we didn't get wet. Started off in Fordcombe before heading north towards Penshurst following the river Medway for some time. A good pint of Larkins was had at the Leicester Arms Hotel before we headed back to the Chafford Arms for lunch. Six had fish & chips and the food was good value and tasty. Seven and a half miles in total.

Present: Phil (President), BN, Dave C and his guest Mike Richards, Jim, John, Roger, Martin, Fred and Michael T. (10)

Apologies: Colin, Ponti, Brian, Dave W, Harry, Apples, Rae, Chris, Peter W, Ken, Dick and Peter E (11)




26 March 2015 - A Krawl around Toys Hill was led by Dave Appleton. All ten krawlers were there before the allotted time of 9:45. Overcast with some rain was forecast and we did get a bit damp during the early stages and again as we approached home. Some slippy mud, some down and what appeared to be even more up than down... but we enjoyed ourselves. We had one guest, Howard, who has been before, and as last time he struggled a bit due to his diabetes, but he made it! The half-way which was about 80% of the way round was The Cock Inn which we arrived at just after mid-day. The second stage was, after a short decent, all up hill. We were welcomed by Dave and Ken who had already started the tab. Good reasonable priced food was enjoyed by all at The Fox & Hounds. We covered just a tad over six & half miles.

Present: Dave A (President), BN, Phil, Harry, Roger, Chris, Fred, Dave C, Michael T with Howard. Ken & Dave W joined for lunch (12)

Apologies: Colin, Ponti, Martin, Rae, John, Jim, Peter E and Ian (8)


26 February 2015 - A Krawl around Chiddingstone was headed up by Rae. Due to the wet weather he modified the krawl on the fly, several times. In the end we had a cracking day, we got a bit wet, a bit muddy but everyone enjoyed it! The food and service were first class at The Little Brown Jug and not as pricey as we thought it might be. The half way house was the Castle Inn which is was covered in scaffolding, in fact it looked like it was closed. A good pint was enjoyed and they seemed pleased to have us as there as no one else was there! We clocked up seven and a half miles, krawled 14 and dined 15 and had two guests.

Present: Rae (President), BN and Drew Grace (G), Jim, Roger, Ponti, Martin, Dave C and John Butler (G), Dave A, Fred, Harry, Chris, Phil, and Ken joined for lunch (15).

Apologies: Dave W, Colin, Brian, Peter W, Michael T, John & Dick (7)


29 January 2015 - A Krawl around Keston was organise d by BN, a record turnout was on the cards but late withdrawals of Colin, Roger and Apples still resulted in a good turn out of 14 (10 Krawling). The sun was out but the wind was sharp and snow was a possibility, but that didn't materialise. We set off at a reasonable pace and duly arrived early at the Queen's Head, Downe, So 7 of the 10 added an extra loop. After a pint we set off back to Leaves Green via the golf club and the backside of Biggin Hill airport. There we were met by Dave W, Ken, Dick and Peter E. We enjoy a good meal, yet again, at The King's Arms, which is now under new management. Just over 8 miles in total and another good day in our history which now reaches 104 years.

Present: BN (President), Fred, Dave C, Chris, Harry, John, Phil, Jim, Ponti and Rae - Dave W, Dick, Peter E & Ken joined for lunch (14).

Apologies: Dennis, Michael T, Martin & Bonzo (4).